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Brady and Gronk

Betfair Trading - Outright Betting Markets

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Apr 23, 2020

Here at Betfair Trading Community one of our favourite things to do is look at longer term trading on the ouright betting markets. These markets tend to cover outcomes of multiple selections who are competing for a title, such as the Premier League winner or the Wimbledon Champion. The reason these markets can be so profitable for us on Betfair are that as there are more competitiors in the market the odds on some of the people/teams can be huge! Of course that is relevant to their perceived chance of winning but there is one really clear way to get the edge on the market.

Overwhelmed Trader

Betfair Trading Training - Self Development - How to Guard Against Being Overwhelmed

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Feb 27, 2020

As you will know if you have been a member of BTC we are big advocates of self-development and evaluation. We think it is an integral part of training to be a Professional Trader on Betfair and something that does not get enough focus elsewhere on the internet. 

Self-development is an ongoing process and every trader on Betfair should be doing so regardless of their level of trading. We are of course academics of the Betfair Trading Academy!