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How I built a Betfair forum

How Betfair Trading Community Built A Popular Betfair Forum - Part 2

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Nov 04, 2019

You loved the why I built a Betfair Forum, so here's how!

In the first post in this series about Betfair Trading Community building a Betfair Forum I spoke about why I created this forum, in this one I will speak about how we created our version of a Betfair Forum. 
Why BTC built a Betfair forum

Why Betfair Trading Community Built A Popular Betfair Forum - Part 1

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Oct 30, 2019

I cannot believe what Betfair Trading Community has become - I only wanted to create a better Betfair forum

Many many years ago I had a dream to create a Betfair forum where traders could get the answers to the questions they had - A traders haven, as I look back we have achieved this. 
Horse Racing

Horse Racing Trading - From Flat Racing to the National Hunt - How to Adapt

Martin Futter's picture
Oct 09, 2019

Horse racing trading as a sport we love is under fire again this week, let's hope the rouge trainers can really work out their methods of how to treat these glorious beasts, or hope that these trainers are gotten rid of so we can focus on the great aspects of this sport.