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Why do we give away our Betfair Trading edge? 5 Reasons!

Why do we give away our Betfair Trading edge? 5 Reasons!

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Dec 12, 2018

Why do we give away our edge?


As a professional trader who actively shares his knowledge on a community of hundreds of other traders I get asked this all the time. Why do you give away your edge?


People who have not yet joined https://betfairtradingcommunity.com/en/ are understandably quizzical about this, they have not had the pleasure of knowing or talking to Ryan, Adam, myself and the other top traders currently sharing their knowledge on the site, so are even skeptical. Can this be real? Do they really want to help new traders find their own edges in the markets?


Of course those who have been with BTC for the past five years will know that this is of course true. Yes, we really do give away our edges and knowledge for a relatively small monthly fee. Not only that but we really focus on users questions and work hard to help them train up to be great Betfair traders.




There are many reasons but today I will talk about the five that first came to mind when thinking about this subject. I will go into these in more depth but they are:


  • Helping others is very rewarding

  • You tend to get back as good as you give

  • It doesn’t really affect the market

  • Yours and our ultimate edges are your brain, not your system

  • It’s not given away for free


1. Helping others is very rewarding - It sounds cliche to say but the truth is we started https://betfairtradingcommunity.com/en/ to help other traders. We saw a need to work alongside and support other traders that was not being met by anybody else. We also saw a social need, Ryan, Adam and myself have made a living trading for a long while but it can be a lonely job when you are not in constant communication with others in the field. BTC was ultimately created to service these needs in the trading community. I won’t labour this point as it is fairly obvious but it does feel good to be able to give back to a community of great people who have the dream that we all once had, getting out of that tedious 9-5 job working for the ‘man’, and becoming a self-sufficient self-employed trader.


2. You tend to get back as good as you give - This is something people overlook but the truth of the matter is if you give a lot on BTC you will get a lot back. As an active members for the past 5 years I can honestly say I have learnt a lot more from the other pro-traders and general members than I could have ever possibly imagined. If you are active and engage with us on BTC you will gain a knowledge set that is outstanding and far greater than you could ever hope to achieve on your own. We have a rule that no question is a silly one and our forum is such a great place to fire away! If you are a member you have to check it out: http://forum.betfairtradingcommunity.com/


3. It doesn’t really affect the market - One thing people fear is that if they talk about their knowledge or edge then the market will get swallowed up by people all wanting to back the same thing. What we have found however is that unless the market has no liquidity (no money in it in the first place) then advice shared will not likely affect the prices or market at all. The reason is that there are millions of active users on Betfair, some of whom are big bookmakers just looking to lay off bets, as well as Asian bookmakers who have a major impact on determining prices. The reality is that liquid markets are so cash rich that even bets of hundreds of pounds can not even move the market. Competing for prices is never a good thing and if you are in that position on a market then you should be patient and wait for your set price anyway.


4. Your edge is your knowledge and brain, not your system! - This is the number one reason I and all the other members are happy to share their knowledge. Our number one edge is our brain. Why? Because our knowledge and experience is ultimately what shapes us as a trader and gives us the ability to find edges in markets. Do I fear other people having my knowledge? No not at all. The reason is that I am working on finding new edges all the time as are the other pro-traders on BTC. There is no magic sauce to becoming a good trader, no secret recipe that was handed down through the generations. The reality is that everyone has access to this knowledge and will also learn a lot through their experience of trading. BTC has really allowed people to go on this journey together and thus get to the promised land a lot sooner. If you can work alongside professionals whilst learning then why on earth wouldn’t you? What sets apart Richard as one of the world’s leading cricket traders? It is his incredible wealth of knowledge and experience over his 15 years of trading the sport (and about 40 years more more being a fan!). The fact you can converse with people like this is amazing, in most industries this would not be possible and if it was would cost you a huge fee! Chat with us here: http://forum.betfairtradingcommunity.com/


5. We do not give this stuff away for free - OK the fee is low for what we give out and the fact we currently sell it all as one package for that fee is crazy. Like any education business, we do charge for the services we provide. If we didn’t? Well for a start there would not be three full-time pro traders working their behinds off everyday for all our members. There would also not be the high quality of service and members that we have on the site. Just take a look at any free group on most things on Facebook and see what becomes of it, if it is not spammed up with nonsense it will usually be a complete mess of information with no clear direction. The reality is our yearly fee is 3.9% the cost of a yearly University tuition fee and unlike most degrees, this educational experience actually has a clear career path to follow!


There you have it, five very good reasons as to why we are happy to share all of our information with our community! If you are not a member make sure you take advantage of our first month half price offer: https://betfairtradingcommunity.com/en/signup