Why BTC Built A Popular Betfair Forum - Part 1

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Why Betfair Trading Community Built A Popular Betfair Forum - Part 1

Why Betfair Trading Community Built A Popular Betfair Forum - Part 1

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Oct 30, 2019

I cannot believe what Betfair Trading Community has become - I only wanted to create a better Betfair forum

Many many years ago I had a dream to create a Betfair forum where traders could get the answers to the questions they had - A traders haven, as I look back we have achieved this. 
The older I get the more I look around at the things in my life and what I have done and what I am grateful for. The Betfair forum I have created with the help of some amazing people at Betfair Trading Community is up there with my greatest achievements. 
Let me take you on a story if I may…. 
Betfair Forum
Back in the day when Betfair was getting popular and more and more people were seeing the benefit of using the Betfair Exchange they had a Betfair forum attached to their site, does anybody remember those dark days? I have to admit it was a horrid place, people were horrible in there and it wasn’t the kind of place where you could spend your time. I always had this burning desire to create a version of this betfair forum that was a place where traders could go, mainly because I wanted a place to go. At that time I was trading and it was going well, but there wasn’t anybody else I knew who was like me - a betfair trader. Not somebody who shared the same goals, beliefs - it was the betfair forum or nothing which just had people saying things like: 
‘Put your mortgage on this horse, it will win - I’ve had some information.’ 
Basically people trying to force the market, I bet they placed a back bet before they did that as well. Now I am not saying everybody on the betfair forum was horrible, its like anything in life the few ruin it for the many. 
Why am I telling you all this? 
Well I created my own version of the Betfair Forum, this became Betfair Trading Community. A traders haven, a place where traders could connect, develop and become the trader they wanted to be without fear of being shot down. My version of Betfair’s forum was created with one rule ‘No question is a daft one.’ I wanted to create a forum where people interested in betfair could ask questions and not get ridiculed. 
This started as a group on Facebook, I invited some people I knew and we started talking everyday. This evolved into something far beyond my initial dreams of a better happier version of Betfair’s forum. It become the juggernaut that it is today, today we have an amazing group of people on our forum who contribute daily, who share their selections, they talk through ideas and they recognise the value and fully have engrained the ethos of what I wanted to create from my dark days spent in that Betfair forum. 

This post might seem like I am trying to sell my version of a Betfair forum, I really am not. I just want to share with the people who engage with my content how my initial idea to create what I wanted a ‘better version of Betfair’s forum’ has evolved into a brilliant business which I am so so proud of, I love the fact that I can spend my days in the forum talking about Betfair, my love of this topic hasn’t faded - if anything it gets stronger and its amplified when I see people in the forum commenting and following that ethos that the BTC team have helped to instils through every facet of the site, from the forum to the stats to the ratings, even through to YouTube and the blog. 

If you are a member of BTC thank you for helping me create what I believe is the best version of a Betfair forum, here’s to many more years building and creating the best place online for betfair traders. 

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