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Who Is Making The Money?

Who Is Making The Money?

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Mar 20, 2014

If you are a member of the Betfair Trading Community then you already know about how much money there has been in the group…

If you are not a member…why?

We have been trading so many sports recently and and making great profits.

BUT I am here to talk how one of our members has made over £300 from £50 stakes! We have one member who is what can only be described as a beast when it comes to cricket. He has magic powers and has been making members money this week on his cricket trades!

His trades has left one of the members with over £300 in clear profits!!

One member making over £300 from trading trades found in the group

That is just one member, maybe next week it might be you?

This is a picture from another member who made a staggering profit from the cricket game we traded as a group together…

One member's trade

So why don’t you join us and get some green screens!

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