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Where will Patriots QB Tom Brady go in 2020 Free Agency?

Where will Patriots QB Tom Brady go in 2020 Free Agency?

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Jan 05, 2020

We are massive American Football fans here at BTC so thought I would do something a little different for this week's blog post!


Tom Brady is an NFL Free Agent for the first time in his career - Where will he go in 2020?


Let’s take a look at all 32 teams.


Arizona Cardinals - No chance, they have invested heavily in No. 1 Draft Pick Kyler Murray. 

Chicago Bears - Small chance. Mitchell Trubisky is not looking great and may not be the future for the franchise. Would Gisele want to move to Chicago?

Green Bay Packers - No chance, unless Aaron Rodgers retires.

New York Giants - No chance, Danny Dimes (Daniel Jones) has had a good rookie year.

Detroit Lions - Small chance. Matthew Stafford seems to be the future still but he is injured and not getting any younger. Would Gisele move to Michigan?

Washington Redskins - Small chance. They seem happy with Dwayne Haskins and still have Alex Smith on the roster. Again will Gisele move here?

Philadelphia Eagles - No chance, the Eagles got rid of their Super Bowl MVP QB to keep Wentz.

Pittsburgh Steelers - No chance, unless Rothelisberger retires.

LA Rams - Very small chance. They are committed to Goff and probably can’t get out of that contract.

San Francisco 49ers - No chance, Garopollo is their future much to the disdain of Belichick.

Cleveland Browns - Small chance, they seem committed to Baker Mayfield but he has had a poor season. Again is Ohio glamorous enough for Gisele.

Indianapolis Colts - Small chance, they need a QB although former Patriot Brissett did OK this year. Will Gisele go to Indiana?

Dallas Cowboys - No chance, Dak Prescott had a great year statistically despite not making the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs - No chance, Patrick Mahomes is the future.

LA Chargers - Medium chance, Chargers are a commercial disaster since moving to LA they need a star to sell tickets and Brady would do that. Brady is from California originally. LA is also one of the venues of the new TB12 stores.

Denver Broncos - Small chance. Broncos may have found something with Drew Lock but will Elway pass up another chance to do what he did with Peyton Manning? Would Gisele move here?

New York Jets - No chance, they are moving forward with potential franchise QB Darnold.

New England Patriots - Medium chance, is all this stalling just good PR to get a bigger contract? It’s a risky game to play but maybe Brady is relying on Kraft intervening again.

Oakland Raiders - Small chance, Derek Carr has had a decent season but would John Gruden fancy a crack at it in Las Vegas with Tom Brady.

Tennessee Titans - Small chance, Titans seem set to get rid of Mariota and Tannehill could leave for free. With the head coach having played with Brady will he be tempted to make an offer?

Buffalo Bills - No chance, Josh Allen is the future at least for now.

Minnesota Vikings - No chance, Kirk Cousins is the future at least for one more year.

Atlanta Falcons - No chance, Matt Ryan seems to have rediscovered his form during the back end of this year.

Miami Dolphins - Small chance, Dolphins need a QB but as they are loading up on draft talent you would think they will go for youth and build. Also, it is hard to see Brady leaving for a divisional rival. However, Flores is the former Patriots defensive coordinator and Miami is another TB12 store location.

New Orleans Saints - No chance, unless Brees retires.

Cincinnati Bengals - No chance, they are drafting the new Tom Brady, local boy Joe Burrow as the number one draft pick next year. 

Seattle Seahawks - No chance, Russell Wilson is the future.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Small chance, Bucs could move on from Winston this off-season. Bruce Arians is not looking for a rebuild and could look to Brady as a quick fix.

Carolina Panthers - Small chance, they do not look to be keeping Cam any longer and Allen was not the answer. They will need a QB.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Small chance, again a struggling franchise who could look to Brady as a seat seller and a quick fix. Nick Foles and Gardner Minshew are not the answer.

Baltimore Ravens - No chance, Llamar Jackson is the future (until he blows out a knee running too much!)

Houston Texans - No chance, Deshaun Watson is regularly carrying this team kicking and screaming into the postseason. 

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