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Top 8 Betfair Trading Community Blog Post of 2019

Top 8 Betfair Trading Community Blog Post of 2019

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Dec 20, 2019

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is around the corner and we are about to enter a new year full of promise for trading riches. 


I like this time of year because its always good to look back across what we have achieved here at Betfair Trading Community, it’s been another great year one that I am truly proud of and cannot wait to see what happens next year as we have a lot of big big plans for 2020! 


I thought it would be worthwhile highlighting the top 8 blog posts from Betfair Trading Community this year and also the top ten videos (of which I will do another post for). 


We love a good countdown around Christmas don’t we? So here it goes….. 


In at number 8…. 


A cracking blog post all about compound interest, compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world and when you understand it in terms of what it can do for your trading life it will help you a long way here’s the post in full here. 


Number 7… 


Our 7th most popular post of the year is all about making money scalping low liquidity markets, this was a very popular blog post this year with the readers of the blog, the post can be found in full here. 


Number 6… 


One of the oldest and still in my view the best strategies on Betfair, Lay the Draw! This post is all about 5 key ways to make it profitable - post in full here. 


Number 5… 


Ever wanted 5 key ways to be a profitable football trader? Then number 5 in our list is for you, this highly popular post gave you the information needed to be profitable in play. Full post here. 


Number 4… 


Halfway through the countdown now, there is an art to being able to lay low on a trade isn’t there? You know it, we’ve seen the screens where somebody gets on a low lay which comes good and we are all dreaming of doing these kind of trades? Well this post explains the art of this so you can master it - read the full post here. 


Number 3… 


Cricket was a massive sport this year in general, it was then aided by some amazing tournaments and people seemed to really be drawn to trading it, the community on BTC had a blast and there was a lot of money made in the forum from trading cricket. This blog post broke down the 7 steps needed to master cricket trading was a winner with you guys! The full post can be found here. 


Number 2… 


In a number 2 is one of the most popular posts on BTC not just this year but ever! Year after year this post gets peoples attention more than most other content up on the site?! It still amazes me the amount of people that love this post…. What is the post I hear you ask? Well it’s finding value in the over 1.5 markets post - full post can be found here. 


Number 1… 


Finally the last post and the number one post of the year…. 


It’s the second most popular post on the site ever (only beaten slightly by our number 2 in this countdown!) that post is scalping the overreactions! It’s an amazing blog post that still gets people reading and speaking to us guys about it, keep trading simple guys!! The post in full can be found here. 



Looking through those posts has been amazing! What was your favourite post from the year? Did I miss one off the list that really struck a cord with you this year?