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Step by Step Over/Under 2.5 Goals Betfair Strategy Creation Guide

Step by Step Over/Under 2.5 Goals Betfair Strategy Creation Guide

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Jul 06, 2023


This guide is for people who want to create a strategy for the over and under 2.5 goals market on Betfair.

I will take you step by step through the process and hopefully give you ideas on how to start creating one.

Lets go!

1. Once you've logged in, just click on 'football stats' and that will take you straight to the statistics software. 


2. Then click the 'filter' button in the right hand corner, This is where you create your strategy.



3. Then select 'overall' and then 'percentage'







4. Then select 'full time over 2.5 goals' and then click off that and you've got your first basic filter! 

ft over 2.5


5. Then select 'greater than or equal to' and this is where you put in the percentage you want.



6. In this example I'm going to put '70' into the box. As I want the teams to have had 70% over 2.5 goals. Then click 'add'




7. Finally scroll down and give the strategy a name. I've chosen 'Over 2.5 Step by Step'. Click 'Save'.



8. You will see all of your selections now appear in the box.



9. You should now have a strategy that shows you all the games where the two teams have had 70% over 2.5 goals in the last 10 games each.


10. Now, let's make an under 2.5 filter, you can just edit the filter current filter to do this even more quickly! So click 'edit filter'



11. Select click on your current filter then select 'full time under 2.5'.


12. Select 'Greater than or equal to' and then write '50' (for the percentage)



13. Click 'add' then remove the previous 'FT Over 2.5' Goals criteria.




It should look like this - 




14. Scroll down and give this filter the name 'under 2.5 step by step' and we'll click 'save'.



15. As you can see all of the matches that qualify come up with the chosen criteria. 



16. Now you can leave it there if you wish, or you can add some minimum odds to try and find further value.


17. To do this again click 'edit filter'.


18. At the top click 'Betfair' and then 'Odds'







19. Select 'Under 2.5' 




20. Then select 'Greater than or equal to' and in the box type '2.0' (these are the Betfair odds you require).




21. Then click 'add' then scroll down and click 'save'


22. And viola you now have your selections which have had at least 50% under 2.5 goals in their past ten matches and the under 2.5 odds are 2.0 or above. 



23. So in theory these selections should be pretty strong. 


24. Of course the next step would be to test them in action and see if you do indeed have a good strategy! 


25. You can also click the matches individually to see a more detailed outlook on them.



26. The idea of these step by step tutorials is to give you an idea of what you can do with a strategy, how you can start making a strategy on the over under 2.5 goals market.


27. So I hope that's helped if you've got any questions at all, just contact us by the usual means.