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Preparing to Trade Part 4 - Football with Keith Anderson

Preparing to Trade Part 4 - Football with Keith Anderson

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Mar 24, 2017

Keith is one of our most successful new traders, who has gone from beginner to semi-pro in a few months on BTC. Keith is aiming to go fully pro soon, we are proud of this and also very grateful for his contribution!


So Keith, how do you prepare for trading your sport?


‘I like to trade football matches that are on live TV.’


Can you give a brief explanation of your daily routine before you actually place your first trade.


‘I look at the ‘goals scored filter’ on the BTC Stats software and pick out a few games which could have lots of goals. I check Twitter feeds for team news and also for weather conditions. I check league positions and I also look at the ‘who scored’ app for previous meetings between the two sides. I generally wait until half-time before I trade, so listening to the radio and the TalkSport reporters normally gives me a good insight into chances created and the tempo of the game.’


How do you choose when to trade? Is it a set time each day or does it depend on what is on?


‘A combination of the above. I could have two trades or 12 trades, it really depends on what opportunities are out there.'


What sources or reference material do you refer to before placing a trade?


BTC Stats Software


Who Scored App


Soccer Saturday

Live TV

BTC Members


Do you have snacks and refreshments? If so what works best for you?


‘Not, really. A lot of the time I am on the move. I actually only trade using my mobile phone. That’s it. I’ve read about people using special applications, but I prefer to keep things simple.’


Do you have a time limit on a session?


‘Not really a time limit. I suppose it depends how the game is going. I have price limits and if there is normally a red card in the game I try to trade out.’


What advice would you give anyone preparing to trade your sport?


‘Keep it simple. There is no need to complicate things.’

Thanks for that Keith. It’s people like Keith that help BTC be the success that it currently is and it is great to be a part of his potentially life changing journey!

Ryan Carruthers will be here next week to close off our preparing to trade series with tennis, make sure you don’t miss it! Sure to be a real eye-opener.

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