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****** NFL Trading - Week 5 - Sky Sports Games ********

****** NFL Trading - Week 5 - Sky Sports Games ********

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Oct 08, 2017

****** NFL Trading - Week 5 - Sky Sports Games ********


Panthers @ Lions 


For me this looks a cracker, especially for traders, Lions have been a surprise to me this season I thought that they wouldn’t hack it this season because usually the stats say after so many late wins the season before you just can’t do it the next season but they have, Panthers have also let Cam play to his strengths. 


I will be looking to get in this in the second half, if the panthers are leading I will lay them on defence but there is some key match ups to look for…… 


Tate (WR - Lions) he will need to be on his game today, he has a good match up in my eyes today he will match up against a Panthers player with the best name ever Captain Munnerlyn since he has started the slot corner job he has struggled massively, Tate is having a very good year this season just going about his job and in my opinion overlooked by many experts - look for Tate running riot today. 


Cam Newton (QB - Panthers). Newton has been allowed to play to his strengths this season, last season they tried to protect him too much, did you know that he has dealt with pressure so well this season? He has the third highest passer rating under pressure? (I know, I am a stats geek!) how does this help though? If the Lions are not going to Blitz him, especially look for Zettal to be applying pressure to Cam, then Cam will struggle because when not being blitzed he is the 5th highest sacked QB when under pressure! 


I will be looking for Tate to be getting the best of his match up, then I will also be looking for Zettel to get all over Cam Newton, if this is the case I will be laying the Panthers when the Lions pick the ball up on Offence. 





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