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New Free Betfair Tennis Trading Software To Be Proud Of

New Free Betfair Tennis Trading Software To Be Proud Of

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Jan 17, 2018

Betfair trading is a career in which we need the help of software, most pro-traders use lots of different software sources to apply their Betfair trading strategies and techniques, we are no different.

If you have been on the site a while you would most likely know that Ryan and I have been very excited about the tennis software that was being tested for launch. Most importantly this software is a free add on for full members so our membership price will not rise, despite the costs incurred in producing it. We all owe Adam a great debt of gratitude for his incredible work.

Why were we so excited? Well not only does it save us a serious amount of reseach time (in the same way our football software does for football trading) but it has been identifying great trades on a regular basis. 

Don't take our word for it though! Our tennis trading member Frode has found it incredibly useful already, and I quote:

'OMG I love the new BTC Tennis engine. So easy and fast to use, especially in first and second round matches. Have been on eight trades this morning. Where before I would have managed max four because I would have done work that would have aquired more work (research), and by that time the trade would have been long gone.'

It has released this week and we can't wait to see what filters our community comes up with. Ryan will be adding his filter to the members filter section very soon.

Betfair Trading Community is going from strength to strength, rumour even has it that Bet Angel copied our name on Facebook, given the fame level of Peter Webb it is highly flattering and shows just how well we are doing.

From very humble beginnings we now have a big community of traders, two unique pieces of trading software and the better news....the best is yet to come!

As we speak Adam is already working on the next software, there are plans for Horse Racing and Back Testing to be added this year. We predict that these will be gamechangers and even further enhance our status as one of the industry leaders in Betfair Trading services.