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How To Fit Betfair Trading Into Your Life

How To Fit Betfair Trading Into Your Life

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Mar 07, 2016

I recently posted to the members about what blog posts that they would like to see and got some really good topics a few of them were more in-depth for a blog post and they might have to become little video mini series but this was one that I can turn into a blog post quite nicely: "How to trade around your lifestyle".

I know when you first start trading you seem to be glued to the PC and are thinking if you aren’t at it your missing out – don’t worry about that, read ahead put into practise some of the pointers from this post and hopefully you’ll be able to trade around your life a bit more.

One of the main reasons people get into trading is because they want a better life and I am a huge advocate of this, trading can give you a better life but what is the point getting good at trading and leaving the job you hate to find you are stuck trading mainly on evenings and weekends and quiet in the day? Thats creating another problem isn’t it?

My first thing I usually ask new traders is why? Why do you want to trade and the answer is usually always to have more time to spend with my children, partner etc… so why do people first start and pick a sport like football? Most of the time this is because thats when they can trade because they work and are often home on evenings and weekends – but this is impacting your family life!

One of the things I do to combat this is do my research in the morning first thing and note these games down for start time and my initial thoughts on them, this saves me time later on and not having to research before the games and then I just have to have a quick glance and the game in play to see if certain things have happened.  Another good thing to do is set your trading up so that you don’t have to be sat monitoring the market all the time for football for example I trade in the under 2.5 market a lot so I have the start time, set an alarm that goes off and I nip to bet fair back under and trade out after 15mins or so which doesn’t take much out of the evening really.

One sport a lot of people like to trade is the horses because it fits daily life, you can master the markets at night in the summer and then when you go pro you can start around dinner time and be done trading by the time the family are home – it is a great sport to trade but in my opinion a lot harder to master than the tennis market for example. Which actually leads nicely into the sport I do 80% of my trading on…. Tennis, why? Because I love the sport, I know the players and it fits my lifestyle. A lot of people think you need to be sat at the screen for 6 hours trading to make good money, this is not true if you create a way of trading that you enjoy and fits how you like to trade (in-play, pre, certain events lead to trades) then you can narrow down all the trading events to 3-8 matches or races a day and focus on them – this will give you focus, discipline and also be more profitable!

This is a topic that I could go into thousands of words on and every sport would be different, I’be just touched the surface here and could go into detail and mention more things like when its time to trade make sure you focus on it, when you take time off enjoy it make the most of it! The key things to remember are:

  • Pick a sport you like
  • Remember why you are trading
  • Don’t worry if you miss a trade because you are with your family – always be another trade
  • Enjoy the time off
  • Focus when trading

Trading can be incorporated into your life it doesn’t have to take over you just have to work around your life and when your trading focus on that.  One of the key things from this blog post I hope you take away is to make sure you get your research done when you can, this will save you a lot of stress and allow you to trade and split some of the family commitments!

If you want to become a better trader and socialise with others why not try the community out?

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