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How To Create Extra Time For Betfair Trading - 5 Key Tips

How To Create Extra Time For Betfair Trading - 5 Key Tips

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Mar 02, 2021

One of the four cornerstones of Betfair Trading problems people have is a lack of time to trade. 

We know this because it is something we have researched and had a wealth of feedback on. 

However, I am of the strong belief that time can be manipulated to suit our needs a lot more effectively than people realise. 

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A lot of what I am about to tell you was inspired by a book called 'The One Thing' by Gary Keller - I recommend reading it if you enjoy this blog post!


Today I want to teach you how to create time to trade on Betfair!

How do you do this?


  • Prioritise what actually matters most 


So one thing I have noticed is that a lot of us have a list of tasks to do in the week.

We may write it down, or just make a mental note. 


The problem is, often these lists are full of things that we 'could do' with some things we 'should do' scattered in. 

Think of your own weekly tasks, what ones are absolute 'musts' and which ones could be done a bit later on?


I will give you an example of this from my own life, I have put my house up for sale this week.

So I have a big list of jobs that need doing to make the house look presentable to potential buyers.


Now I could probably do 100 different things to make it look better but how many of those things will actually make the key difference, which is, how many will actually get the house sold?

So for example a less important task - I could spend countless hours doing a deep clean of the house but will it make that much difference than just cleaning it generally and tidying up?

An example of a very important task - I must paint the corner of my living room that got ruined by a leak in the wall this year! I think you will agree this is an essential job that is worth doing first. 


It is fine to do the less meaningful tasks if you have the time later on, but to have true success, we should prioritise the ones that will really matter the most. 


Let's bring this back to finding time for Betfair Trading. 


Think about the tasks you do everyday and when you do them, do you prioritise the important ones or do you just do them in the order you thought of them?


The first thing you have to do is put your Betfair Trading as a big priority in your life.


If you are looking to become a pro Betfair Trader for a living I think this goes without saying but I have seen a lot of traders not do this. 

What you have to do is think of it as a career move, which it is, and not just a hobby any more. 

I think once you do this it is very easy to find one or two hours a day on average to trade during the week. 


Got some chores to do around the house? Do them before or after your Betfair Trading is scheduled in for that day. 

Need to spend some time with friends or family? Fit that in around your Betfair Trading. 


If this is seriously something you wish to make good money from then it is important you treat it like a job from the get go. 


Ok so that is a simple step to creating some more time for Betfair Trading but how do we create more time whilst Betfair Trading?

I think this is key because if you are a part-time Betfair Trader as most non-pros will be, your trading time is less and therefore more invaluable to you.


I'm going to list 5 steps to create time whilst trading on Betfair - 


  • Create a priority list of events you want to trade in the upcoming day or week - Schedule your trading in properly, if you are a football trader you will know what times you are likely to want to trade, make sure you write those down and set them in stone! 


  • Don't watch events or markets for longer than you need to - Some people sit and watch markets a long time before they want to trade or a long time after they have finished the trade, if you want to create more time don't do this. 


  • Do all of your day's research in one go and finish it after that - It is easy to procrastinate and click lots of different sites after you have finished doing your research, just get your research done at the beginning of your trading day and move on from it.


  • Stick to your plan - Try not to go off-piste! - Not only does moving away from your plan often end in losing money you had no business losing, it also takes up valuable trading time that you could use more wisely elsewhere. 


  • Use the breaks in your Betfair trading to the do other important jobs - You will get times when you thought you would be trading but the opportunity in the market did not present itself, not to worry, this is the perfect time to catch up on those chores or spend some more time with loved ones! 


These are the perfect tips for making sure you have plenty of time to do the things you want to (or should) prioritise.

Hope this helps those of you who have been struggling with their trading schedule!


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