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First Live Chat – Ryan Carruthers' View

First Live Chat – Ryan Carruthers' View

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Jan 28, 2015

BTC did a live chat trading session tonight the first one ever and there was a lot of profit, the reason we did a live chat was so the member’s could go through some trades live with us, we like to help everybody whatever level you are…

I posted that I would be doing a 0-0 lay of the HT score in the A Madrid v Barca game and a back of A Madrid – both of these came in nicely.

I then followed Martin on a 2-1 1-2 Dutch in the Groningen v Vitesse game at HT this was 0-0 so I traded out for a loss and then backed the 2-0 0-2 to take my total potential loss to £40.90ish – I also layed under 1.5 to cover myself just in-case, then we got a goal 1-0 I traded out of the under 1.5 lay and then minutes after we got a 2-0 my target score so I traded out.

The third game a TNS game 0-0 at HT loads of action so I backed Over 2.5 and 2-0 0-2 a goal to TNS I traded out of that and then put a £1 on the 1-1 to cover just in-case the dog scored next. 2-0 TNS, what did I do? I waited until 83rd min to cash out and took 100% ROI on my stake.

I was more aggressive on my last trade because of the profit I had for the evening, this was not huge stakes either I was using a lot less than my normal between £25-50 stakes per game…

All of these trades were posted in the chat well before and explained, if you want to be a better trader and make some new friends then why not join us for a month and see what it's all about!

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