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Cheltenham 2018 The roar is back!

Cheltenham 2018 The roar is back!

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Mar 08, 2018

Are you ready for that roar again?  


I cannot believe we have come back around to another very exciting time….. the festival of all festivals and 


as traders on Betfair, I know that you are actually buzzing to get started, come on you can admit it? BUT please don’t do anything on the exchanges before reading this blog post!  


It is very tempting to get involved in the festival, go hell for leather and let me tell you there is a lot of opportunities. You need to be prepared for it, like anything in trading you have to put in the effort and the research and do not just jump in.  


Go through the data as much as possible, so open up your usual sources of information for your data. Websites like pattern form, timeform & the racing post. Start to gather all that information you need. A key is to stick to what you know. If you usually do only DOB’s stick with them, same with front-runners - stick to what you normally do and do not get carried away with the buzz of the festival stick to what you are good at and have a plan!  


Remember there is going to be so much bull going around everywhere about this festival - your mates, twitter, facebook, everywhere!! So be on your guard - always ask yourself about your trading - start with what is the trade you are planning? Then ask yourself for that to come true what has to happen? Then from there please answer that question.  


Anyways onto my round-up which will be live every day on the blog ready on the first day of the festival! 

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