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Can Liverpool Win The League?

Can Liverpool Win The League?

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Mar 19, 2014

As a staunch and loyal United fan of many years standing it pains me to admit that I think Liverpool can win the league this season. They are now on a massive roll and full of confidence after the match at Old Trafford last Sunday that they could have won by six goals or more.

They say football goes in cycles and as one great team seems to be in decline their great rivals in the north west of England are now right in the mix to win the title for the first time since 1990. Elimination from the Champions League will end United’s season and could mean the sack for David Moyes.

As an England fan I suggest Brendan Rodgers would be a great manager of our national team. He is from Northern Ireland and I’m not sure if his political and religious persuasion makes him a viable candidate for the England job. I believe Rodgers is destined to be a successful manager at the highest level.

He seems to be an ambitious man and if Liverpool win the league this year or next his career would reach a new level. I believe his greatest achievement at Liverpool has been persuading Luis Suarez to stay at the club, in effect gambling on Champions League football. That looks guaranteed now for next season which Liverpool could start as the champions of England.

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