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Beware of Paid Tipsters - Learn to Trade on Betfair instead!

Beware of Paid Tipsters - Learn to Trade on Betfair instead!

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Feb 10, 2021

One of the questions I get asked all of the time is ‘Should I join a paid tipping service?’



Here at Betfair Trading Community we are not a tipping service, we teach people to trade for themselves,



so I always recoil when I hear this question as I know how this usually turns out.


I cannot tell you how often I have heard this follow up phrase, ‘ I used to be a member of a paid tipping service,


I lost a lot of money and then they just disappeared!’





If you have not had the pleasure or perhaps (as is more often the case) the pain of following one then hopefully this article will help you avoid them.




I will start by saying this, I am not saying all tipping services are bad or singling any one of them out.




I am just using my own personal experience of dealing with thousands of traders over the past ten years who predominately have had bad experiences.




The reasons for this are clear to me and there is some logic to why they do not work, which I will discuss below.




Here are four reasons paid tipping services do not work:



1. They do not share their method, so their tips cannot be replicated by you.



The key thing a tipping service does is it keeps it’s methods secret. The reason being?




Well if you can do it yourself why would you need them?



You become solely reliant on that person in the hopes of making some money on Betfair or a bookmakers.



How Betfair Trading Community differs?



All our strategies methods are shared with members and they can all be replicated,


or tweaked in our software (You can literally download them and read and watch full video explanations).




Not only that but many members share their profitable filters on the forum and again these can all be replicated and tweaked by members.



You can ask us anything about trading and you will get an answer! Something truly unique in this industry.



2. They teach you nothing and give you no practical trading skills.



Tipsters don’t want you to learn to trade or be able to make money for yourself, it deems them worthless and you would not need them.




Therefore, often they will give out tips with little to no information about how they came to the


conclusion of deciding this selection was worth your financial investment.


How Betfair Trading Community differs?




We live to teach and tutor all of our members. We even have a one to one support section on the members forum,


solely for the purpose of training traders individually!



Even the daily email advice we send to members has a full explanation for selections in written and video forms.



We have even written a detailed document on what you should do before following any trade posted on our email advice or forums, read it here:



3. You are fully reliant on one person



How would you feel if I told you your life was fully reliant on one person?




Probably a little edgy as to if you could trust that person fully right?



Well with a paid tipster you are fully reliant on them.




If they have a fight with their partner and it effects the tips they send out, you will never know.




If they get ill or something happens to them that effects how good they are at tipping, you won’t know that straight away either.




Essentially you follow them with an almost blind faith, a person you may have never seen who does not even use their real name etc.




How Betfair Trading Community differs?




We want you to be reliant on yourself as a trader!




Surely it is much better to learn to trade and actually have the life skill for yourself so you can replicate it.




If you want to make a career of trading you cannot do so by following a tipster, there is no long term life value in that.



These are our values, our mantra and our ethos.



4. They don’t care about you – if they stop you are done, they offer little personal support (if any)



My biggest gripe with tipsters is that when stuff hits the fan they just vanish.




They have taken a lot of money from people and now they have been found out - ‘poof’ they are gone.



Not once have I ever heard someone say ‘this tipster really helped me on a personal level’.



How Betfair Trading Community differs?




Anyone who is or has been a member of Betfair Trading Community will know how much support we give members.




We have football, tennis and soon horse racing software to help you create your own strategies.




We have one to one coaching on the forum, as well as the general forum for traders to discuss all things trading.



We write weekly blog-posts, record weekly podcasts and videos, to help everyone continue their learning and professional development.



Our sole aim is to see you improve as a trader, and so it is incredibly important for us to know how you are getting on.




There is a reason we have existed for nearly a decade now and continue to grow year on year.




So ask yourself this question:



Would you rather learn a life skill or be totally reliant on someone you do not know?



Give a person a tip and they might profit for a day –BUT - Teach that person to trade and they could profit for a lifetime!



Hope this has helped, as ever if you need any advice or have any questions just email me:


Until next time folks!


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