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Apr 06, 2022


There are several different Betfair trading strategies that you can use to build your bank. The most important part of using any of these strategies is to have a plan by finding a strategy that works for you and improving it as you progress to improve it.

This article will discuss some of the most popular Betfair trading strategies. You can also join BTC and be part of a community and learn from other proven traders. 


Safest Betfair Trading Strategies! 3 Safe Strategies to use!

Everyone wants strategies that work. Here are 3 Betfair strategies that you can use for different sports. The strategies 

  • Are easy for anyone to use
  • Low-risk
  • You can make serious money


  1. Scalping Football

Football scalping is a form of trading where an individual makes a profit by betting on football matches. The typical strategy employed by the trader is to bet on the team they think will lose in the hope that the odds will be in their favor. In some cases, traders may also bet on matches to ensure they make a profit, even if their original pick loses.


2. Tennis- Laying the first set winner

It is a strategy employed by traders to increase their chances of winning a tennis match. When laying the first set winner, the trader is essentially betting that the player who they have chosen to lose the first set will go on to win the match. You can place a bet on the player to lose the first set and then place a bet on them to win the match.

However, some basic guidelines which may help you to decide who is likely to win the first set in a tennis match are as follows:


  • If the players are evenly matched, the player who is playing better on the day is more likely to win the first set.


  • If one player has a significant advantage over their opponent in terms of ability or experience, they are likely to win the first set.


  • 3. Horse racing- dubbing strategy

Dubbing betting strategy is an advanced betting strategy that you can trade to increase the odds of winning. When most people think about horse racing, they think about picking the horse that will cross the finish line first. While this is one way to bet on horse racing, it's not the only way. In fact, you can make even more money by using a different type of bet.


By dubbing a horse, you are betting that the horse you have chosen will place either first or second. It gives you a better chance of winning than simply betting on the horse to win. To understand how to place your bet, watch the video as Ryan explains the strategies. 

Safest Betfair Trading Strategies! 3 Safe Strategies to use!


2022 1ST HALF GOAL TRADING STRATEGY -Professional Football Betting on the Betfair Exchange

The 1st Half Goal Trading Strategy is based on the assumption that more goals will be scored in the first half of the game than in the second half. Teams are more aggressive in the first half, and they tend to take more risks.

 The strategy is about predicting whether a goal will be scored in the first half of a match or not. If you think that a goal won't be scored, you will bet on the team that you think will not concede a goal. If you think that a goal will be scored, you will bet on the team you think will score the goal.

The video 2022 1ST HALF GOAL TRADING STRATEGY - Professional Football Betting on the Betfair Exchange.

Martin demonstrates how to make money with football trading on the First Half Goal Market on Betfair using the Betfair trading software.


Betfair Trading For A Living - 15 years Pro!

I've been trading on Betfair for my living for over 15 years now, which shocks me when I think about it; I didn't ever think I was that old! 


When it comes to trading for a living, there are a few things I think you need to consider, mainly when do you go Pro? 

When I look back, the reason I can do this? The people around me. They believe in me, and they help me. I also know I need different things from different people. 

This video will give you a great insight into what you need to know about Betfair Trading for a living.

You have to ask yourself -what would my life look like if I were to go Pro? Then work towards that. 


2022 Easy Football Trading Strategy Win on BTTS

Today's strategy is not discussed a lot, probably because it has not been around for long. It was created in the last few years. 

It is yet another simple strategy with great opportunities for trading.


One thing about great strategies is that they keep it simple stupid! They are easy to understand and adapt to. The best part is that you can make changes and improve where necessary to fit your strategy.


I will show you how to create your BTTS strategy. Watch the filters I have created, which will direct you on how to create your own. And when you get a good one, share it with the community and us.

Watch the 2022 Easy Football Trading Strategy Win on BTTS - Betting on Both Teams To Score - Betfair Trading and get your free strategy, even if you're not a BTC member.

Betfair Trading Software: Which 1 Do I Use?


There are many reasons you might choose to use Betfair trading software. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can help you make more informed and successful trades hence building your bank. Also, Betfair Trading software can give you loads of information and data, giving you a significant edge in trading.


Additionally, using Betfair trading software can help you automate the trading process, making it easier and faster to make trades. It can be a real advantage, especially when a lot of action takes place in a particular market. It also provides you with a wide range of features that can help you to maximize your profits.


Finally, using the software can help you develop better trading strategies by staying in control of your trades. 

So which one is the best? Watch Betfair Trading Software: Which 1 Do I Use? To pick the best software for your trading on Betfair that works for your strategy and budget! 


How To Make An Income Trading Football on Betfair Exchange


Betting on under 2.5 goals is one of the most straightforward soccer betting strategies around. It's also a very effective way to make money if you use the right odds and picks. 


There are matches where you can bet on either a high or low-scoring game. If you are looking to profit from betting on these types of games, you need to use an under 2.5 goals betting strategy. It is a system that will help you to identify which games have the potential to end with less than three goals scored.


The reason most strategies don't work is not league/odd filtering, to find out which odds work best, Watch

2022 Under 2.5 Goals Betting Strategy - How To Make An Income Trading Football on Betfair Exchange Learn how the strategy

works with the Betfair trading software.

NEW & Easy- How to Improve ANY Football Trading Strategy on Betfair - In Two Easy Steps!

Is it possible to Improve ANY Football Trading Strategy on Betfair? 


There are a lot of factors to consider when trying to improve a football betting strategy. The first thing to think about is what

you're looking to achieve. Are you trying to make money from football trading, or are you just trying to make your stake more

likely to win? Once you have an idea of what you're trying to do, you can start thinking about improving your strategy.


What you want to check with filters is how they are working. Is it making a profit? What are the odds/selections, the leagues, etc


In this video, NEW & Easy- In Two Easy Steps! Find out how you can improve any football trading strategy on Betfair in two simple steps. It is straightforward, and anyone can do it.

Betfair trading daily: Mine are like groundhog day!

How would you describe your trading days? Are they erratic, where it all depends! 


Now, Why do I want my Betfair Trading days to be like groundhog day? What on earth are you on about Ryan, you might wonder. Have you watched the 1993 movie "Groundhog day?" In this movie, a cynical TV weatherman finds himself reliving the same day repeatedly. Nothing changes, and everything is the same to the last detail.


I want my days to be like that because I know what I am doing every day. I can repeat the steps to ensure my trading is profitable on Betfair. 

My goal with my Betfair trading is that it's steady and smart & I don't have to have too many moving parts. 

Watch this video Betfair trading daily: Mine are like groundhog day! Find out why you need your days to be like groundhog day as a profitable trader!


If you want FREE Strategies that are proven to work and with a FREE 5 day of bonus training, Click here.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, our community is a great place to find tips, tricks, and strategies to help you build your bank. Trade with other members, learn from the pros and master the art of betting on the Betfair markets.

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