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Is Betfair Trading Profitable? How Does It Work and is it Worth the Risk?

Is Betfair Trading Profitable? How Does It Work and is it Worth the Risk?

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Oct 05, 2021

Is Betfair Trading Profitable? How Does It Work and is it Worth the Risk? 


To put it simply, yes, Betfair trading is profitable. Not only are all of the professional traders out there testament to this fact, you can also take a look inside the Betfair Trading Community member’s forum and speak to lots of people who are making money from trading on Betfair.


The truly great thing about this is that most of the people who trade on Betfair and make a profit started out with no knowledge of trading! It’s not a special skill that only a few people are clever enough to learn either, as proven by the people who trade with us, any Tom, Dick and Harry can make money with Betfair trading.


Betfair trading works like a financial investment, you are essentially investing in a sporting market and trying to predict where the price of an outcome will go. Instead of investing in the stock market, we invest in sports. For instance, if we think Manchester United will win a football match vs Arsenal, we would back Manchester United and intend to trade out for a profit either when they went 1-0 up or towards the end of the game if they were winning.


The reason Betfair trading works well is that we can assess the trades throughout the match before an outcome is decided. If we learn to be able to ‘read a match’ and determine how it is likely to finish we will make a lot of money.


Is Betfair trading tax free?


Yes, Betfair trading is entirely tax free. Any profit you make from trading is yours to keep! You can declare the income if you wish and opt to pay national insurance etc but you do not have to.


Is Betfair trading still profitable?


Yes, Betfair trading has always been profitable and it always will! The reason this will never change is that there is always plenty of money in the Betfair exchange trading markets and prices are determined by many factors, they are far from an exact science (luckily for us!).


Is Betfair trading gambling?


Technically yes it is, any financial investment is a form of gambling. However, Betfair trading is very different from what people think of when they think of gambling. Betfair trading is all about having a statistical edge on a market and pushing that edge constantly to ensure we make money. Also, with Betfair trading you are always assessing your position in the market, willing to take a loss if the tide turns against you and able to change your situation depending on lots of different factors. Unlike traditional gambling which is usually associated with people going into a bookmakers shop and betting on a horse because they like the colour of the jockey’s jersey etc. 


Is Betfair trading possible?


Yes, very much so! It’s exceptionally easy to learn how to be a good trader when you work with us at Betfair trading community. If you give yourself enough time and allow us to teach you, we have no doubt you will become a much better trader!


How much do Betfair traders make?


How long is a piece of string? Different traders will make different amounts when trading on Betfair. It is not unrealistic to think that after a year or two you may be able to make a living full-time trading on Betfair. However, it is important to take baby steps to begin with, if you can get profitable after a few months you are doing well so think less about the amount of profit and just learn the game properly, then you can scale your bankroll and your earnings up.


Can you make money from Betfair trading?


Yes, one of the things I love about Betfair trading is that it is not an exclusive club, it is not elitist. Anyone from any background can make money on Betfair. If you have a passion for making money and some passion for sport, this could be the job for you!


How much money can you make from Betfair trading?


If you get good enough the sky's the limit! A profession to compare it to would be that of a pro poker player who would start out with a small bankroll using small stakes but as they got better and their bankroll rose so would their stakes. It’s exactly the same with Betfair trading, you could earn enough for a holiday, enough to live on or enough to have that jet set lifestyle in the Caribbean! The question is how much do you want it?


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