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Betfair Trading New Year Resolutions 2018

Betfair Trading New Year Resolutions 2018

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Dec 30, 2017

As we all head into another exciting year of Betfair trading it is good to evauate your trading and think of what we would like to improve moving forwards. So, I have come up with a small list of resolutions that should help improve my trading. Even us professional traders need to keep evolving our skills and Betfair trading strategies. Let's go! 

1. Trade more tennis - 

Tennis trading on Betfair has been huge since the inception of it. It is my favourite sport to play in real life and any excuse to watch more of it sounds good to me! However, the main reason for me to trade more tennis is that it is a very tradable sport, plenty of swings due to the scoring system of multiple points (on average well upwards of 100 points are played out per match). This means there will likely be 100 market moves, often going in the opposite direction than the last move that took place. 

  • Perhaps the biggest reason to trade more tennis is our software that is launching for the Australian Open! Adam has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring us this and it should be a game changer for us tennis traders. This software will be free to all of our stats members too so your membership fee will not increase despite the costs of this to us. Our Christmas gift to you all!  

2. Don't back short odds unless exceptional circumstances - 

This is always a good rule of thumb and I have made most of my money opposing odds on favourites when trading of the Betfair markets. There are times where sub 1.5 is a value back but it is rare and especially for newer traders should be avoided when possible. 

3. Don't get distracted - 

As a father of a one-year-old lad who I have just nicknamed 'Bam Bam', it is easy to get distracted when trading or following inplay stats/pictures. I know many others have these types of family distractions. John Folan even manages to juggle his severe procrastination searching the dodgiest of internet sites and a big family, to still be a great trader! I have no idea how he does it. I'm lucky to have an outdoor office I can sometimes retreat to and if you have anywhere you can go, I would suggest going there, I have tried to be ambitious trading in the same room as my little one but that is a mistake! 

4. Enjoy trading - 

I can be as guilty as anyone of getting to het up about everyday life and stressing out but it is important to love what you do and I do love trading. It is easy not to love it and to get too emotional about it but sometimes you have to take a step back, take some time off and enjoy the rest of your life away from trading. For me, that invariably leads to me looking forward to and enjoying trading today. 

These are my resolutions, hope you think of some of your own. Let me know them if you do! 

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