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Betfair Trading Community Annual Review 2021

Betfair Trading Community Annual Review 2021

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Dec 17, 2021

Betfair Trading Community Annual Review 2021

It's been another amazing year with Betfair Trading Community. We've stayed true to our goal of helping traders become better and create the best trading community out there. Our stats software is pretty snazzy too!

This will be a long post, those who know me know I have a lot to say and a lot of people to thank.

The Members

 I cannot start a post talking about the year without mentioning the members. It's not about me, Martin or Adam. Never has been, it's about the members. You guys make every day a joy for us, it's a pleasure to get to know and interact with you.Even if some of you should be locked up or have some serious assessments - You know who you are.

Martin, Adam & I meet every week and have a format that we work through and we have goals that each of us focus on.

Martin and I put a lot of work into growing the podcast and YouTube this year. Adam focused on the Horse Racing Software which is on the 1-yard line now.
The reason Martin and I wanted to focus on the podcast and YouTube was we know we can give serious value. Help you move the needle on your trading in a way, I believe no other out there teaching this stuff can.
We value every interaction we get from the watchers, listeners and everybody on our email list.


We added 1.1K subscribers - We are happy with this! I know some of the others out there have more than us, but we are working on catching them. We produced some top videos which I am proud of. I have included the top 10 videos for you.

Top 10 Videos for 2021

  1. The only strategy that works 100% of the time on Betfair -
  2. Betfair Live Football Trading The Over 1.5 Goals - (Ryan's Famous Split Stake Strategy) -
  3. Live Betfair First Half Goal Profitable Strategy for Football Trading -
  4. Profitable Betfair Over 1.5 Goals Football Trading Strategy - Tested! -
  5. #2 Most Profitable Betfair Trading Football Strategy -
  6. The Betfair Trading Strategies I'm Using In 2021! -
  7. Easy Scalping Football Trading Strategy for Betfair -
  8. Live Betfair Football Trading Strategy Under 2 5 goals, Over 1 5 goals and LTD -
  9. Easy To Follow Tennis Strategy Betfair Trading -
  10. Live In-Play Betfair Football Trading - Scalping Unders-


This is mainly Martin's domain, he says he likes it because he doesn't have to show his face. I am sure you agree, but it's gone from strength to strength this year - I even joined him for some!

The Top Ten for 2021


  1. Why Do Most Betfair Sports Traders Fail
  2. How An Experienced Trader Selects Their Trades
  3. Over 1.5 Goals Betfair Trading Strategies - Worth it?
  4. What I've learnt from 17 years of trading on Betfair!
  5. Lay The Draw - Is is still profitable in 2021
  6. Why Horse Racing is a Great Sport to Trade on Betfair!
  7. Late Goals - Opinion and how to use
  8. What's Holding You Back? Betfair Trading Advice
  9. Where To Start - Creating A Trading Strategy
  10. Applying Game Theory To Betfair Sports Trading
You can listen in to these on

Too Long Didn't Read ;)

If you came to this section you've really missed out!

Pretty much
  • We love our members
  • We have nearly finished horse racing software
  • YouTube & Podcast have grown
  • We've added a couple of kids to our gang!
I hope you have enjoyed being involved in our world as much as we have had you in it.
Have a Merry Christmas, you filthy animals!