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Betfair Trading 101 - Your Most Asked Questions Answered

Betfair Trading 101 - Your Most Asked Questions Answered

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Feb 23, 2022

So as approaches it’s 10th birthday we thought it would be good to pool all of the knowledge we have gained over the past decade and write a Q&A guide for football betting based on the questions we get asked the most! 


We have noticed there are a near infinite amount of football betting articles suggesting football betting tips.

However, there is not much in the way of actual information explaining football betting and answering the key questions that get asked.

So first off let’s answer some of the number one questions we get asked: 


Is football betting profitable? Can football betting be profitable?

The answer is yes, if done right. It’s like any skill, the more you practice the better you get. We use our football software to gain an edge on the market and have an advantage, this is important because football betting without any edge on the market will likely lead to losing money!



Is football betting good?

Again, yes, from what we have seen football betting is the most popular sport to bet or trade on. Due to that fact, there are a lot of matches to bet on, with lots of juicy liquidity (high volumes of money in the markets) on the Betfair exchange.




What are football betting odds?

Football betting odds are effectively prices that you are being offered. So the prices you are offered refer to how much money you can make if your selection wins. Odds of 2.0 on Betfair or Evens with Betfair Sportsbook are the same, they are 50/50 odds, suggesting that 50% of the time the selection will win. It’s really good to think in percentages as that can help you assess football betting value, in this case if we believe the selection has more than 50% chance to win then we should back it (bet on it). This is how football betting works, when you see a value price you take advantage of that to leverage a long term profit.


Can football betting make you rich? Can you get rich off sports betting?

As you level up your bankroll and start making profits from football betting on the Betfair Exchange you can start to use very large stakes for betting and trading. This in turn can lead to big profits. Scaling up like this can take time but it is worth it because you protect yourself from any serious financial risk. You have earned the right to use large stakes, safely and sensibly and yes football betting has made people rich. Just remember to walk before you try to run!



Can football betting be a full time job?

Yes, many people do football betting full time. Some of those people are on our football betting forum ready to chat and help people! 



How football betting odds are calculated:

Betfair Sportsbook and Betfair Exchange calculate odds in different ways. The Betfair Exchange is people who bet or trade offering and accepting prices, volume of money and demand for those prices determines the price. Betfair Sportsbook on the other hand whilst it will often echo the Exchange odds very closely, is determined more by computer models and what odds are being offered by other bookmakers such as Bet 365, William Hill and Ladbrokes for example. Whilst this is interesting to know, it doesn’t really matter that much to us, all that really matters is whether we accept the price offered as a value price, or not. Imagine you are shopping at Tesco and you see an item you want to buy, how do you determine whether or not you purchase it? Well, usually due to the price on offer, how Tesco came to decide what price to sell the item at doesn’t really matter (and is something you have probably never really thought about!). 




Which football betting site is the best?

This is an easy one to answer: The Betfair exchange is the best place to bet on football, horse racing and all the popular sports to trade on. It is the most popular betting site for a reason. The Betfair exchange works on commision from it’s users so it does not make its money from whether or not you win or lose your bet (unlike a traditional bookmaker). Therefore prices are better on the Betfair exchange the vast majority of the time. This matters because when betting on football you want to make sure you get the best prices available, to make even more profit!



Which is the best football betting prediction site?

So where separates itself from the competition is our proprietary football prediction software. When you use it you can create your own strategies and systems based on the criteria you want to use! Therefore you can get your own selections each day from the software instantly, all you have to do is set the strategy up and then you are good to go. 



This is why is the best football betting prediction site, you do not have to rely on a ‘tipster’ who you do not know, you can instead create your own profitable betting and trading strategies. We also train people to make money betting on football, so not only do you get access to this groundbreaking software, you also get trained by people who make a living from football betting! This is why we are constantly talked about by our members as being the best football betting analysis site. 




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