Best Sport to Trade on Betfair - Horse Racing?

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Best Sport to Trade on Betfair - Horse Racing?

Best Sport to Trade on Betfair - Horse Racing?

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Aug 01, 2019

Anyone who has been around Betfair Trading Community for a while will know that one of the first pillars of advice we give our new sports traders is to master one sport at a time before moving onto another one. The four main sports we cover are football, tennis, horse racing and cricket and we will do a piece on each sport.

In this series we will talk about why each sport can be better than the other and hopefully help you to decide which sport you want to trade yourself!

Today's sport is Horse Racing so if you have any interest in trading this sport then read/watch/listen on:

10 reasons you should consider trading the horses above other sports:

1. There is a lot of money traded on Horses every day! - As a result there are plenty of liquid matches and opportunities for trading. Most races are  traded for thousands of pounds and some into the millions.

2. There isn't really an 'off-season' - You can trade all year, once the jumps finish the flat begins!

3. A lot of the racing is on during working hours in the day - Making it the perfect sport to trade as a pro, you can still have a social life in the evenings if you wish! 

4. Pre-race trading is great for scalping the markets - Once you learn the behaviours and patterns of the markets you can make money relatively risk free before a race even starts!

5. We have incredible daily horse trading advice shared on our forum - Our members love to help each other make money trading the horses!

6. We provide daily trading advice ourselves on horses and are always working on more ways to profit - We have made consistent profits for members for 5 years now! 

7. Set and forget strategies are perfect for horse racing - Don't want to risk it going in play? Then just lay or back and let it run!

8. You can use a bot to trade for you and make money without having to do much work - Just feed your bot your betting strategy and watch as the trade is carried out for you!

9. Testing systems is easy - In 3 months you can easily get hundreds of selections to analyse due to the nature of the sport.

10. There are lots of races each day - You can find a race to trade with ease due to the amount of action every day! 

So there you have it, 10 very good reasons you should trade horse racing above other sports!