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3 Tips To Improve Your Betfair Trading Instantly!

3 Tips To Improve Your Betfair Trading Instantly!

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Oct 14, 2015

I always want people to get better at trading, I think it’s the driven, sociable person in me, when I meet people I love to chat to them and get into what they are doing. When it comes to what I am doing I am trying to explain to them Weight Of Money and tennis trading, how I use stats to help me with my Football trading so I decided to write a blog post, nice and simple – 3 tips to improve your trading today, this will work for any sport!

1. Watch the markets

Nice and easy, watch more markets. Don’t just stick to the match odds markets when trading on , have a look around the others in any sport. Watching the markets react to events is huge in trading and it will help you spot opportunities for entry and exit points which will in the end become part of your Betfair trading strategy. Don’t just think that you are wasting your time either, you are not once you’ve started spotting things you’ll be amazed at how quickly you spot things in other sports!

2. Keep a Spreadsheet/Diary

It’s very well documented over the internet that I am a huge advocate of spreadsheets and diary’s for your trading, if you are documenting the trades down firstly you can see the markets you want to trade that day and have a few notes on them to help you trade them so you won’t forget, it also gives structure to the day – trades and sports events become important meetings that you have to attend but the key comes from the analysis after, going over where trades lost and which markets, which markets are you successful in? Which aren’t you? When you get this kind of detail in your arsenal you can move your trading on very quickly.

I'm sure you have used a spreadsheet before, maybe just not betting!

3. Read

We live in a digital age these days; you can go to Google and enter something and be given millions of results, for example: go to Google now and Google ‘’ see the results you get? (Now ignore them all and only read stuff from Betfair Trading Community)

There is so much reading to be done on our site and out Betfair Trading Forum that you can learn very quickly from other successful traders who have been where you are. So why not learn about their stories warts and all and you’ll find yourself in the same position as they have been in trades!

Because you took the time to read about Trading you’ll know what is likely to come next and will react to it in a controlled manner and hopefully it will result in a green screen.